Worldwide, 265,000 people die of burn injuries every year!

Almost every burn injury can be avoided if people are aware. Through education and awareness, in both the workplace and at home, the number of deaths and injuries can be greatly reduced and through the information published in the Canadian Burn Resource guide awareness is brought to a higher level.


Message from Top

A message from Stephen Williams the Canadian Burn Resource Guide National Coordinator.


Fire Safety Tips

Begin with these five tips to help you protect your home, your family, and yourself from injury and loss.


Get Out Alive

Everyone is told to have an escape plan, but during a crisis its too late to make one!


Hot Water Burns

Hot water scalding can cause pain and damage to the skin from moist heat or vapors.


Basic Burn Treatment

Information is for education only, consult with a doctor/health professional for proper treatment.


Worldwide News

What people around the world are facing in regards to fires, burns, and scalds and medical advancements.

In Canada over 4,000 burns admitted to hospital every year

Almost 400 of those die from their injuries, many of them being seniors or children. Another 1,000 victims die at the scene of the fire or accident. Lives can change in a second, families come under so much stress, seniors chances of survival are poor, children’s lives are changed forever, and when one of the parents in a family is burned life changes for everyone.

Survivor Stories

An understatement in COURAGE and PERSERVERANCE, these heroes tales will inspire you.

The voice of Flashback Girl is warm and engaging. The tone of the book is positive and humorous, without self-pity.

- Dr. Lise Deguire Flashback Girl

Katie Piper ’s story is an encouragement to acid victims and other survivors of trauma around the world.

- Katie Piper Acid Victim

I had my own personal tanning bed in my home and used it four or five times a week.

- Tawny Willoughby Suntan Beds